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This is not a Wall

20170205 frontcover_110x200

Collected Short Stories on CODA’s Party Wall at MoMA PS1

Caroline O’Donnell and Steven Chodoriwsky

This Is Not A Wall is conceived as an epic of one architectural entity’s lifespan, depicted through a unique collection of illustrated short stories. The entity in question is the temporary pavilion Party Wall, designed by CODA as the winning entry of the 2013 Young Architects Program organized by MoMA PS1. This Is Not A Wall recounts Party Wall’s complete 9-month lifespan, from its initial nomination in November 2012, through its design-build process, to its dismantling at summer’s end in September 2013. The central intention of the collection is to chronicle Party Wall’s unique contextual environment, and elucidate upon its role as a mediator of complex relationships amid the individuals, institutions, and companies to which it owes its existence.
This Is Not A Wall also works to frame Party Wall in a larger contemporary discourse. Concerns include: architecture and its correlation to installation; experientiality and public performance; and a reconsideration of the sign in architecture as it pertains to legibility and meaning. Longer, essay-style stories by architectural journalist Cynthia Davidson, CODA principle Caroline O’Donnell, among others, will punctuate additional story pieces MoMA curator Pedro Gadanho, MAXXI director Pippo Ciorra, architect Peter Eisenman, previous YAP winner Matthias Hollwich, alongside project participants and other observers – from PS1 janitors, to local skateboarders, to construction volunteers. By stressing Party Wall’s creative process as a distinct product of its context, spatial-temporal constraints, and collected voices, the book is equal parts an analytical handbook of the competition and design process, an account of its evolving construction, and a poignant description of its lived experience.

Edited by: Caroline O’Donnell and Steven Chodoriwsky

Publisher: Cornell AAP Publications
Size: 11.4 x20.3 cm/ 4.50 x 8 in.
Pages: 300
Illustrations: Black and White
Cover: Soft
Publication date: July 2016
ISBN: English 978-0-9972602-0-5
Price: $29.95


Transitional Spaces for the 21st-Century City
Espaces de Transition pour la Ville du 21e Siècle

Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement / VEDECOM

Tunnels, footbridges, escalators, urban cable cars, pathways – passages are essential links, with the potential to generate distinctive urban environments. They require little investment and should be an integral part of all big urban projects, helping to repair the fractures produced by fast transit infrastructures and the urban zoning practices of the recent past. Designing and building passages is a way to act quickly and to lay the foundations for larger scale transformations: international analyses and examples.

The product of a joint program with an international network of cities, universities, and experts from different disciplines, as well as the catalog of a touring exhibition, the book analyzes more than 150 completed passage projects and describes methods for action. It is addressed to researchers, designers, politicians and technicians, transit firms and operators, citizen groups and anyone interested in the right to the city and concerned with the quality of these small spaces of movement.


Autors: Institut pour la Ville en Mouvement / VEDECOM
Editor:  Mireille Apel-Muller (dir)

Size: 18.5cm x 25.5cm / 7.3 in. x 10 in.
Pages: 256
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover with flaps
Publication date: May 2017
ISBN: English 9781945150463
Price: 27€ /$29.95 / £24
Languages: Bilingual: English, French

The Total Designer

Authorship in the Architecture of the Postdigital Age

Lluís Ortega

This book develops an alternative and inclusive approach –based on the hypothesis that the impact of digitalization on architectural culture is similar to the effects of the linguistic turn in philosophy– and steers clear of exclusive dichotomous approaches, without the foundational reconsideration of the discipline or its ontological conservation.

The project is open and broad, which was a necessary condition for demonstrating the power of the turn brought about by digitalization. Most studies on the digital phenomenon carried out in the context of the discipline are focused on the more technical aspects, with expert discourses based on the standpoint of the optimization of existing processes. This text was inspired by a concern and a certain discomfort with respect to those positions, which are often underwritten by a positivist vision of reality. This concern gave way to the idea for a study rooted in a cultural approach to the phenomenon. Given the general tendency toward creating experts –a phenomenon that, on the other hand, is not exclusive to the field of architecture– and encapsulating knowledge, this text is meant to be based on a transversal vision, which can help non-specialist readers to understand certain complex phenomena.


Autor: Lluís Ortega
Editor: Moisés Puente

Size: 12 cm x 18cm / 4.7 in. x 7 in.
Pages: 80
Illustrations: One color
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: May 2017
ISBN: English 9781945150456
Price: 15€ /$14.95 / £13
Language: English

Fundamental Particles


EA774 at Cern

Francesco Soppelsa, Octavi Mestre

This book is centered on the design and construction of the most important building – in both architectural and representational terms – built at CERN in recent years.

This book describes the construction of building 774 at CERN. The building is unique in terms of its architectural value and its location. Located next to the CCC (CERN Control Center), it is the gateway to CERN for the more than 100,000 visitors it receives each year.

The building houses the offices and laboratories where the computer programs for the Control Center are created, the management headquarters for the French side, in addition to a public-access area equipped with a conference hall, a cafeteria, and a VIP restaurant, to support the frequent visits by heads of state and Nobel prize winning scientists who tour the CERN facilities.


Authors: Francesco Soppelsa, Octavi Mestre

Size: 22.0 x 24.0 cm.
Pages: 132
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft Cover
Publication date: December 2016
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-85-7
Price: 20€ / $25 / £16

Reflections on Light

‘Reflections on light’ gathers a series of conversations with designers, architects and artists who work with and think about light every day.

Behind any object, especially those concerned with light, there is a clear intention to attempt to improve the quality of life of the user and take care of the space in which the light is found. Light allows us to see our surroundings; as such, looking after light is essential, and it is precisely this that is at the heart of this project.

These interviews focus on the people behind the objects, concentrating on their creative vision and background from which their ideas are born; the importance of the beauty of well-made objects, and how the objects affect our perception of life.


Published by: ACTAR Publishers New York & The Flames by Folch
Coordination: Isabel Valle
Designed by: Folch
Printed by: Ingoprint
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: 978-1-940291-82-6
Price: 20€ / $25 / £16

Projective Ecologies

Chris Reed and Nina-Marie Lister

Ecological research applied to current architectural practice.

The past two decades have witnessed a resurgence of ecological ideas and ecological thinking in discussions of urbanism, society, culture, and design. The field of ecology has moved from classical determinism and a reductionist Newtonian concern with stability, certainty, and order in favor of more contemporary understandings of dynamic systemic change and the related phenomena of adaptability, resilience, and flexibility. But ecology is not simply a project of the natural sciences. Researchers, theorists, social commentators, and designers have all used ecology as a broader idea or metaphor for a set of conditions and relationships with political, economic, and social implications. Projective Ecologies takes stock of the diversity of contemporary ecological research and theory—embracing Felix Guattari’s broader definition of ecology as at once environmental, social, and existential—and speculates on potential paths forward for design practices. Where are ecological thinking and theory now? What do current trajectories of research suggest for future practice? How can advances in ecological research and modeling, in social theory, and in digital visualization inform, with greater rigor, more robust design thinking and practice?


Authors: Chris Reed
and Nina-Marie Lister (eds.)

Size: 16,5 x 22 cm / 6.6 x 8.6 in.
Pages: 288
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: May 2014
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-12-3
Price: 32€ / $34.95 / £29.90

Published with Harvard
Graduate School of Design

Agenda: JDS Architects

Can We Sustain Our Ability to Crisis?

Julien De Smedt, Jesse Seegers

AGENDA is a catalog of 365 days, like a diary or journal: a collective narrative, personal and subjective. It documents the work and thinking of JDS Architects over a specific year marked by crisis, beginning on September 15th, 2008, the day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The form of the book exploits the double meaning of its title, presenting the absurdities of day-to-day architectural practice while also staking our intent. Rather than a definitive direction, our agenda is a definitive attitude – of eagerness, enthusiasm, and optimism, of criticality and concern, of fun and inquiry. It is a directive, a motivation to act, at times without clear knowledge of where our agenda will lead. “Change,” the buzzword of the last U.S. presidential campaign, is the order of the day, and the task of AGENDA is to explore what kind of change will be needed if architects are to assume a political and social agency in this new landscape. Bringing together diverse forms of content, AGENDA is a product of vigilant observation, introspection, and engagement with outside thinkers and collaborators – artists, curators, politicians, authors, economists, journalists, developers, educators, and architects.


Author: Julien De Smedt, Jesse Seegers

Size: 10.05 x 8.05 inches
Pages: 544
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: January 2011
ISBN: English 978-84-92861-62-0
Price: 35€ / $42 / £32

Beyond Environment

Emanuele Piccardo, Amit Wolf

This publication presents the potent interchange between architecture, Land Art and Performance Art that emerged through Italian architect Gianni Pettena’s idealized collaboration with American artists Allan Kaprow and Robert Smithson in the 1970s.

Earlier in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Pettena’s experiments in material transformations helped create some of the architect’s most iconic works. Staged in an abandoned school and in a non-descriptive suburban house, and titled Ice House I and II, Pettena would pour water into the mold works he created around the buildings’ perimeter walls. Curing during the winter night to a coat of ice, the houses resonated with their conceptual predecessor, Kaprow’s Fluids of 1967, as well as with an incomparable contemporary architectural sensibly concerned with the effects of variedly compounded, highly eidetic architectural surfaces.


Authors: Emanuele Piccardo,
Amit Wolf (eds.)

Size: 14,5 x 20,5 cm / 5.7 x 8 in.
Pages: 176
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: July 2014
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-33-8
Price: 25€ / $34.95 / £22



Willy Müller

In the format of a selective dictionary of cross-referenced terms, Metapolis identifies a new architectural will within the contemporary social and cultural panorama. It contributes to a global vision of the emerging new architectural action that participates in “advanced culture” and visual art disciplines and technology. The book speaks of an architecture inscribed in the information society and influenced by the new technologies, the new economy, environmental concerns and individual interests. The diversity of authors and works is invaluable for the generational intersections in theory discourse. Featuring Manuel Gausa, Vicente Guallart, Willy Müller, Federico Soriano, José Morales, Fernando Porras, Iñaki Ábalos y Juan Herreros, José Alfonso Ballesteros, Xavier Costa, Enric Ruiz-Geli, Alejandro Zaera Polo.


Author: Willy Müller

Size: 16 x 23 cm.
Pages: 624
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2008
ISBN: English 978-84-95951-22-9
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-95273-93-2
Price: 48€ / $64.95 / £38.95



Manuel Gausa

Arquitectura y ciudad contemporánea. Teoría e historia de un cambio

“Open-ended Logic: Space-Time-Information (Composition ->  Position -> Disposition)” defends the new, underlying architectonic logic (spatial-temporal in conception) that has emerged within contemporary culture.  In accordance with a shared terrain of inquiry, which represent a whole series of decisive experiences from the past fifteen years, this new logic could be considered a “logics of complexity.” Concerned with the mapping of the contemporary project and the contemporary city, Open-Ended Logic focuses on the capacity of linkages between dynamic systems and irregular structures.


Author: Manuel Gausa

Size: 16 x 24 cm.
Pages: 992
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2010
ISBN: English 978-84-96954-86-1
Price: 30€ / $54.95 / £39.9