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Authors/miles gertler

Igor Bragado and Miles Gertler founded Common Accounts at Princeton University in 2015. Equipped with excellent data plans, the office operates over satellite, server and fibre cable between Seoul, Toronto, and New York. Bragado and Gertler are recognized for their work Closer Each Day: The Architecture of Everyday Death and Going Fluid: The Cosmetic Protocols of Gangnam, exhibited at the Third Istanbul Design Biennial in 2016. Common Accounts is preoccupied with fluid bodies, the infrastructures of K-Pop, parttime domesticity and catchy slogans. Bragado and Gertler have lectured in Beijijng, Toronto, Istanbul, and at Columbia University in New York and recent work has appeared at the A+D Museum in Los Angeles, in Uncube Magazine, Cuarto: Architecture Playground, Artsy, and Dezeen. Gertler has mounted two solo shows of visual work with Toronto’s Corkin Gallery and is adjunct faculty at the University of Waterloo School of Architecture. Bragado is a contributing critic to El Pais, is adjunct faculty at the Cooper Union Irwin S. Chanin School of Architecture, and he was awarded the 2017 writing prize by the London based Design History Society.

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