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The Mannerist Mind


An Architecture of Crisis
Francisco González de Canales

“Art critics between the seventeenth and nineteenth centuries imprinted a long-standing derogatory meaning to the word “mannerism”. Even though scholars such as John Shearman or Wolfgang Lotz rehabilitated the term to a certain degree during the twentieth century, it is still uncommon nowadays to find the expression “mannerist” used without certain pejorative connotations—connected to everything which is affected and contrived, or characterized by unnecessary gestures and excessive self-references. While the term has barely been revised within the shared vocabulary of architects, the presence of an attitude that may be identified as mannerist is more evident than ever within a significant range of design decisions of the architecture that is produced in Europe today, including practices such as Lutjens Padmanabhan, architekten de vylder vinck taillieu, Ted’A, 6a architects and Office KGDVS, among others. This book provides a contemporary revision of the mannerist attitude for the present, creating a framework to analyze and shed light not only on the work that these practices are carrying out, but also on the less evident filiations and affinities, as well as on their deeper implications”

Introduction by Rafael Moneo



Author: Francisco González de Canales
Size: 15 x 21,8 cm/ 8,6 x 5,9 in.
Pages: 112
Illustrations: One Color
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: June 2023
ISBN: English 9781638400363
Price: 22€/ $24,95/ £22

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Departing from a discussion on what it would be a mannerist attitude in the architecture of today, and theorizing around it, this book analyzes some works of contemporary European practices.


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