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Revista LF No.6



Cristina de Middel. Cover and interview.
Cathleen Naundorf. A tribute to haute couture.
Anna Surinyach. Frontier lives.
Julia Anna Gospodarou. Beyond architecture.
Elena Chernyshova. Days of night / Nights of day.
Sandra Balsells. One step away from the sky.
Biljana Jurukovski. The subjectivity of beauty.
Lola Montserrat. The captive beauty of collodion.
Nuria López Torres. Sex and revolution.
Montse Capel. Eroticism and self-portrait.
Erika Arias. Exploration without prejudice.
Laia Abril. On abortion.
Emmanuela Colombo. Conserving biodiversity.
Caroline Deloffre. Facing.


Homage to Joana Biarnés.
The consultant.
The sunset of a photograph.
The rule of air. My own wings.
Looks that begin. Zoe Sala Coixet.
Cassini Probe. La Térmica.
Photobook. Carla Kogelman.
#Instagram. Marramiau!


Size: 23 x 28 cm.
Pages: 192
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISSN: Spanish 9772604105009 – 00006

Price: 19,95€

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Samuel Bianchini (ed.)


.able is a free image-based multiplatform journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.

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