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Revista LF No.3



Ronaldo Schemidt. Cover and interview
Enric Mestres. Humans of Barcelona.
Luis Poirot. My life goes in it.
Nadir Bucan. Under the shadow in the sun.
Daniil Parniouk. Everyday geographies
Joan Crisol. Organic
Giulio Zanni. Cities
Agustín Benítez. The mirror of my photography
Francesc Guillamet. A photographer in search of accomplices
Aleydis Rispa. Le grand blue


Technique. Cyanotype photograms.
The consultant. Collective management copyright.
Cassini Probe. Ivorypress Gallery
The rule of air. Freedom of the press.
Reflections. Censorship and self-censorship.
Looks that begin. Guido Mencari.
Homage to Eugeni Forcano.
Icons. The most familiar and feminine Dalí.
Bazaar. Exhibitions, books and much more.
#Instagram. Ladies who smoke.


Size: 23 x 28 cm.
Pages: 146
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISSN: Spanish 9772604105009 – 00003

Price: 30€

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Samuel Bianchini (ed.)


.able is a free image-based multiplatform journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.

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