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Revista LF No.2



Isabel Muñoz. Cover and interview.
Michael Kaena. The palpable serenity.
Omar Ayyashi. The hunter of faces
Ignacio Gutiérrez Bolívar. A feminine sense.
Magdalena Solé. Tenuous Roots.
Tim Flach. Very human emotions.
Miquel Arnal. Animal
José María Mellado. The intimacy of the unusual.
Ana Tornel. Eternally Chrysalides.


Technique. Humerus collodion.
The consultant. Image rights and copyrights.
Cassini Probe. Mapfre Foundation
Reflections. Censorship and self-censorship.
Homage to Francesc Boix.
Looks that begin. Julia Baumfeld.
The rule of air. RUIDO Photo.
Photobook. Isabel Codina. A room in Iceland.
Bazaar. Exhibitions, books and much more.
#Instagram. Accidental portrait.


Size: 23 x 28 cm.
Pages: 146
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISSN: Spanish 9772604105009 – 00002

Price: 11,9€

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Samuel Bianchini (ed.)


.able is a free image-based multiplatform journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.

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