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Shared Structures. Private Spaces (ENG ED.)


Housing in Mexico
Fernanda Canales

A case study that analyzes the relationship between ideas and houses, this book focuses on 100 years of housing projects in Mexico.
The geographic, social, and economic diversity of Mexico constitute a prime example of the challenges inherent to meeting individual needs in an increasingly crowded world. The drawings and essays comprise new ways of looking at theories and buildings in order to redefine the connection between housing and the city.
This research is centered in drawings of 70 housing projects, creating a common language highlighting different attempts at reinventing the house not as an isolated battle but as part of a strategy for reimagining how we want to live. This book showcases the pivotal voices that have shaped major cities through housing projects and explores how policies and ideas transform into built form, and how in turn buildings shape societies.

Spanish edition

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Size: 6.7 x 9.5 in. / 17 x 24 cm.
Pages: 280
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft cover
Publication date: December 2020
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISBN: English 9781945150883
Price: 39€ / $46 / £39

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