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OAB Ferrater and Partners (SP ED.)


Recent architectural projects by Carlos Ferrater and his Office of Architecture Barcelona (OAB)
Carlos Ferrater, Borja Ferrater

With the publication of the book Synchronizing Geometry, in 2006 the baseline of a typical OAB theoretical discourse was established in which a series of projects under development or construction stressed the importance of a theoretical background in the professional practice of architecture. A few years later, this book arrives showing the work carried out and now going into more depth on the direction and approach of Ferrater / OAB. It also analyses and reflects on the career of Carlos Ferrater, as well as the results of the development of a new office involving a group of young architects, including family members. The book explains how from experience and the examination and manipulation of some complex geometries a critical and theoretical vision of reality is established, assuming at all times rigour, social roots, landscape and construction. For this reason, the book also reveals how the activity of OAB is not only developed in the execution of construction projects, but how it is also complemented and enriched by going into depth in other fields such as teaching and academic research. This book illustrates how, from over 35 years experience on Carlos Ferrater’s part, and the emergence and participation of a group of young architects ( such as Xavier Martí Galí, Lucia and Borja Ferrater, Nuria Ayala, Alberto Peñín etc. ), a new concept of professional office has taken shape.

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Authors: Carlos Ferrater, Borja Ferrater
24 x 32 cm./ 12.5 x 9.5 in.
Pages: 350
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2011
ISBN: Spanish 9788496954540
Price: 45€ / $54.95 / £40

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Carlos Ferrater, Borja Ferrater


Recent architectural projects by Carlos Ferrater and his Office of Architecture Barcelona (OAB)

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