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Natural Metaphor


An Anthology of Essays on Architecture and Nature
Josep Lluís Mateo

Written by cross-disciplinary authors across Europe, Asia and America, this is a compilation of articles and images on using forms in nature for diverse design approaches and perspectives. Nature has rendered poetic potential to stimulate, as a metaphor, the design process. From formal, conceptual, geometrical to literal engagements, the scope of potential correlations between nature and design is as far reaching as the human imagination. The Eth Zurich is a renowned European architecture institute. This is the third book in their acclaimed series.


Editor: Josep Lluis Mateo
Size: 16,8 x 22 cm.
Pages: 240
Illustrations: Color & B/W
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: 2007
Published by: Actar Publishers- ETH Zurich
ISBN: English 9788496954083
Price: €25/ £25 / $30,3

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