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Mix Urbains (FR ED.)


Explorations de 8 carrefours dans le monde: Mouvements et Interactions
Stéphane Lemoine / AP5

Mobility questions our ways of inhabiting the city. They are attached to multiple social approaches, constrained by the geography of the city and linked to the available energies. However, their deployments and their effects in the urban space remain little studied as an everyday experience. The frequentation of the city is mainly observed as a saturation or an animation and in an abstract and numerical way. But what is the nature of the movements in the cities, the daily life of more than half of the inhabitants of the planet? Resulting from a crossroads, the city has grown so much that we no longer look at how people meet in the central squares. What are the speeds, rhythms, interactions, trajectories, specificities in an urban square?
Many data relate to flows, but most often with a finality on the speed of movement. GPS navigators are first made to connect a point A to B with a minimum time, and not for the study of the dynamics and the diversity of movements. Each moving element draws paths with its own rhythms which are factors of animation and encounter. We propose this exploration on a human scale on 8 cases around the world.

With Contributions of
AP5 / Stéphane Lemoine + Sophie Harache, Anisha Suri, Jeanne Vincent, Adèle Guérin.
+ texts de Fabrice Guillot, Stéphane Juguet, Eric Alonzo.

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Authors: Stéphane Lemoine / AP5
Size: 15 x 25,5 cm./ 10 x 6 in.
Pages: 96
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: May 2023
ISBN: French 9781638400592
Price: 37€/ $44,95/ £37

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Stéphane Lemoine / AP5


Essay on the devices and attitudes observable in urban crossroads of 8 major world cities. The exploration focuses on the movements of all mobiles and the resulting choreographies.

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