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MIAS Architects at Centre Pompidou

Josep Miàs

Tracing through the pieces being published, you sense that Josep Mias is essentially a man who takes strips and edges and develops them into meshes, and then maybe combs, and then maybe honeycombs with a conspicuously boyish delight in making the sketch, the linear diagram, the scale model and the built building.
Underlying the apparently fearless is a sense of what can fly, swing, lurch, lean or rest: in other words the composite that makes something possible to be as it is in space.

With contributions of Peter Cook

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Authors: Josep Miàs
Size: 15 x 15 cm. / 5,9 x 5,9 in.
Pages: 320
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hardcover
Publication date: 2021
Published by: Actar Publishers & Centre Pompidou
ISBN: English/French 9781948765848
Price: €40/ £40 / $49.95

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