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Enric Majoral : The Expanded Jewellery (ENG ED.)


Maia Creus, Martí­n Azúa

Enric Majoral is revealed to be a complex figure ahead of his time, midway between design, artisanship and art. One may take very diverse  perspectives on his creative itinerary. From the perspective of  artisanship stands out his contribution to the evolution of a  traditional craft towards a contemporary language. Likewise stands out  the relationship of his work to the culture of the area. As a designer,  his capacity to design and produce collections has allowed contemporary  jewellery to be brought to a very large public. As a creator he has developed a personal language which has by its uniqueness and  timeliness created a new school, a recognisable style which has  inspired younger generations of jewellers. An important aspect of  Majoral’s creativity is his relationship with materials, and the diverse  strategies which he uses to give them form. This attitude of letting  every material speak for itself has been made concrete in a very rich  and broad repertoire of finishing touches which are a characteristic of  his pieces.
Jewellery expanded. From the pieces’ origins, Enric Majoral maintains a constant search within and around the volume and space of jewellery. This experimental approach is centred in the constructive aspects of jewellery and the possibilities of expanding to the limit of their format. From this place are born his monumental pieces, designed to establish a dynamic dialogue between the body, the jewellery, and space.
From this dynamic relationship comes forth a line of experimental, monumental pieces created since 2018 for the ADLIB catwalk of Ibiza. Enric Majoral has deepened in this direction with his jewellery-sculpture pieces, designed to live within a space. Hence, we bring to your attention the work ‘The Water Carrier, 2019-2020’, a piece  on grand scale created to emphasise its spacial relationships within an  architectural space, and made on a base of hundreds of painted silver pieces from large to small scale, which can be repeated until infinity.  Coexistence of form and light, of movement and space. The flourishing of  metal and colour, of weight and ascension.

With Contributions of:
Pilar Bonet, Pilar Vélez

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Authors: Maia Creus, Martín Azúa
Size: 21 x 28,5 cm.
Pages: 264
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hardcover
Publication date: April 2021
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISBN: English 9781948765886
Price: 45€/ £45 / $54.95

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Maia Creus, Martín Azúa


The book presents a selection of significant pieces and large-format works of Enric Majoral, from their origins in the 1980s until today

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