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An Image-based Multi-platform Journal at the Intersection of Art, Design, and Sciences
Samuel Bianchini (ed.)

.able journal reinvents the publication form by making research accessible through images. Free of charge and distributed on numerous platforms, media, and devices, .able journal, through its five visual essay formats (,,, and, provides multiple entry points to research in arts, design, and sciences.
From the design of sustainable fashion or bioluminescent micro-architecture, to the dynamics of bacterial contamination or the exploration of deep sleep, .able combines academic rigor and accessibility focused on exploring contemporary sociopolitical and environmental issues in images and putting these challenges into perspective.

With Contributions of
Among others : (.able journal is an ongoing journal, list of contributors is always evolving)

Anne Bationo-Tillon, Anaïs Blo, Ninon Bonzom, Walid BREIDI, Dimitri Charrel, Jean-Marc Chomaz, Emile Costard,  Francesca Cozzolino, Jean-Robert Dantou, Dominique Deuff, Émile De Visscher, Christian Duriez, Olga Flór, Jean-Jacques Gay, Arno Gisinger, Denise Gonzales Crisp,  Tzu Nyen Ho, Dan Kneeshaw, François-Joseph Lapointe, Peter Lunenfeld,  Ophélie Maurus, Isabelle Milleville-Pennel, Marie-Eve Morissette, Aurélie Mosse, Nicolas Nova, Virgile Novarina, Ioana Ocnarescu, Étienne Ollion, Christoforos Pappas, Jonathan Pêpe, Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen,  Francesco Sebregondi,  Martin Tamke, Gisèle Trudel,  Guro Tyse,   Gentiane Venture, Jeanne Vicerial, Florence Weber,   Clélia Zernik


Editor: Samuel Bianchini
Size: 21 x 29,7 cm. 
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Publication Date: random publication dates / variable / monthly
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISSN: English, French, Spanish 2802-7590

Price: non-commercial rights only

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Samuel Bianchini (ed.)


.able is a free image-based multiplatform journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.

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