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A Village and its Double (ENG ED.)


Dominique Perrault

This book is perfectly anchored in French and international current affairs. The book explores the vision of renowned French architect Dominique Perrault, who designed an Olympic and Paralympic village at the crossroads of concerns such as legacy, site reversibility and the relationship with the existing territory. He discusses the history of Olympic villages in recent decades, explains the choice of the Paris site, its past, the process of Paris’ bid for the 2024 Games, Dominique Perrault’s guiding concept for the design of the village, and the project’s 12 ambitions. It is a window through which Greater Paris takes shape…
Richly illustrated with photographs, graphics and plans, this book is aimed at designers and the general public alike. Its publication, a few months before the start of the Games, amplifies its impact by exploiting current events.

With Contributions of
Frédéric Prot

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Authors: Dominique Perrault
Size: 19,5 x 23,8 cm./ 7,6 x 9,3 in.
Pages: 800
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hardcover
Publication date: May 2024
ISBN: English 9781638401308
Price: 65€/ $69,95/ £65

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Dominique Perrault


Part lecture book, part urban planning manual, the book explores the transformation of a neighborhood into an integral part of Greater Paris.

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