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Vikram Bhatt, is an internationally recognized expert in the field of minimum cost housing, affordable urban design, and urban agriculture. A graduate of CEPT University (1973), India, and the McGill University (1975); where currently, he is a Professor Emeritus, and Director, Minimum Cost Housing Group (MCHG). MCHG focuses on the shelter problems of poor around the globe dealing with issues of sustainable human settlements planning by addressing questions related to where and how people live interactively and via the creative engagement of designers in the actual process – charrette, hacks and community partnerships. For example, we collaborated with Pritzker Laureate Balkrishna Doshi on the Aranya housing, the Agakhan Award winning project. Vikram is a recipient of numerous awards, including the prestigious AD Research Award (1990), Graham Foundation for the Arts Fellowships (1993 and 2000), RAIC National Urban Design Awards (2008 and 2019), and Margolese National Design for Living Prize (2014) for outstanding contributions to the development or improvement of living environments for Canadians of all economic classes. His pioneering work on edible landscapes and urban agriculture has focused on food security and successfully transformed neighborhoods and cities around the globe improving lives of ordinary people. As the co-creator of the Canadian Centre for Architecture’s 21st annual inter-university charrette, Reassembling the North and the 2017 Kuujjuaq Hackathon, Vikram has also helped advance important conversations about the role of design in remote northern communities of Canada. His work has been disseminated widely and his publications, in particular, After the Masters, co-authored with Peter Scriver, and Resorts of the Raj, represent high levels of achievement in new and important areas of architectural scholarship.

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