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Authors/muneerah alrabe

Is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with a Master of Science of Architecture in the Aga Khan Program for Islamic Architecture (AKPIA). She holds a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University and has professional experience in the field of architecture and design in Kuwait and Germany. Her interests lie in the intersection of politics, sociology, economics and design in the Arab World. As a student of AKPIA, she has conducted research on the transnational power relations of the Gulf Cooperative Council’s interconnection grid as a tool for regional power and nation building. In addition, she has investigated the current and past socio-political movements in Kuwait to understand their impact on urban form and urban life within Kuwait and the Arabian Gulf. Currently, she is investigating the socio-spatial politics of public space within Kuwait City in the hopes of achieving a new understanding of public spaces within Kuwait City, in order to enhance and develop public life within Kuwait.

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