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Possible Mediums

Possible Mediums presents a collection of sixteen speculative design mediums by emerging architects. Each chapter defines an active medium in contemporary architecture through descriptions, drawings, and objects. Possible Mediums arranges projects according to shared technical and aesthetic traits, creating a vibrant taxonomy of design. Descriptive texts explain the working principles behind each medium and introduce design concepts intended to inspire students and professionals alike. Through its many contributors, Possible Mediums establishes design as a collective endeavor propelled by the open exchange of ideas and techniques. Possible Mediums is not a systematic theory, a manifesto, or a banal survey; it is a projection of architecture and knowledge to come.


Kelly Bair, Kristy Balliet, Adam Fure and Kyle Miller (eds.)

Size: 17 x 23 cm/ 7 x 9 in.
Pages: 200
Illustrations: Color & Black/White
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: November 2018
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-96-3
Price: 30,00 € / $34.95 / £28

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