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The Seagram Building Construction Ecology

Kiel Moe

This book presents a terrestrial description of the Seagram Building. It doing so, it aims to describe how humans and nature interact with the thin crust of the planet through architecture. Architecture reorganizes nature and society in particular ways that today demand overt attention and new methods of description. In particular, the immense material, energy and labor involved in building require a fresh interpretation that better situates the ecological and social potential of design. Given the environmental, social, and political realities that confront us in the storms of this century, we need alternative descriptions of building and architecture as terrestrial activities that help us imagine how to maximize the impact of architecture on its environment in the most positive, generative and architectural ways possible. Architects increasingly need to do so in ways that constantly evince the inherent solidarity and reciprocity of people, places and politics involved in building architecture. The environmental and social conditions of this century suggest a much more recursive description of architecture and its engenderment. I argue that the enhancement of a particular building should be inextricable from the enhancement of its world-system and construction ecology. A “beautiful” building engendered through the vulgarity of uneven exchanges and processes of underdevelopment is no longer a tenable conceit in such a framework. To this end, the book mixes construction ecology, material geography, and world-systems analysis through architecture to help articulate all the terrestrial activities that engender building generally, and more specifically through the example of a most modern of modern architectures: the Seagram Building. This books evokes a broad range of evidence to help explicate the terrestrial activity of this architecture to make design

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Author: Kiel Moe
Size:  17 x 22 cm/ 6.875” x 9”
Pages: 316
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hardcover
Publication date: December 2020
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISBN: English 9781948765398
Price: €30/ £30 / $34.95

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