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Leo Stevens

This book follows the research and design work of three studios of Ali Rahim of Contemporary Architecture Practice, Christopher Sharples, and William Sharples of SHoP Architects. The three studios are united by a focus on the future of mile-high design. Ali Rahim and his students push the boundaries of emergent digital techniques to generate an intelligent design for a high-rise in Dubai. Christopher Sharples asks his studio to redefine the concept of air travel and generate a hybrid airport of the future in New Delhi, India. William Sharples sets the architectural framework for space tourism by researching the commercial spaceport as an urban gateway and catalyst for re-forming the city.


Author: Leo Stevens
Size: 20,8 x 29,5 cm./ 11.6 x 8.2 in.
Pages: 176
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: July 2011
Publisher: Yale School of Architecture
Distributor: ACTAR D
ISBN: English 9780393733501
Price: 27€ / $35 / £24.50

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