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Revista LF No.10



Aitor Garmendia. Behind the walls.
Josh Edelson. Through the flames.
Gabriele Cecconi. Les Misérables and the earth.
Maite Carames. De profundis.
Noah Ortega. Filming for liberation.
Federico Borella. Dead zone.
Antonio Aragon Renuncio. DesertifiKation.
Jo-Anne McArthur. Captives.
Daniel Beltra. The truth is in the flames.
Aitor Ortiz. Gaudi, intimate impressions.
Carlos Perez Siquier. AFAL, the flip-flop, the beach and the color.
Richard Learoyd. Classic but groundbreaking.



Photobook. Xènia Gasull Artigas.
Report. Marta Rebon.
Report. AnimaNaturalis.
Eternal debates.
 Koldo Badillo.
Collective. Susana Oñoro.
Reportage. Koldo Badillo.
Column. Fernando Peracho.
Collecting. Susana Oñoro.
Other views. Bruna Battistini.
Report. International Contest Andrei Stenin.
Winning photographs BIPA. Fernando Peracho.
Spaces. Koldo Badillo.
#Instagram. Ethos y aquellos. Carles Gené.


Size: 23 x 28 cm.
Pages: 192
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISSN: Spanish 9772604105009 – 00010

Price: 19,95€

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Samuel Bianchini (ed.)


.able is a free image-based multiplatform journal for publishing research at the intersection of art, design, and sciences.

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