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Space-Time-Information & Advanced Architecture 1900-2000. The Beginning of Advanced Architecture
Manuel Gausa

In defense of a new architectonic logic, Manuel Gausa explores a pioneer decade of decisive experiences in the turn of the millennium.
The last few decades have confirmed the evidence of a spectacular change of scale –and thinking– in our spaces of exchange and sociability –in our own habitats– linked with the exponential capacity to process and interact complex and digital parameters of information.
Transversal, relational and multi-scalar. Focusing on the mapping of the contemporary project and city in the turn of the millennium, this book explores the capacity of links between dynamic systems and irregular structures. Manuel Gausa defends a new underlying architectonic logic (spatialtemporal in conception) that has emerged within current culture of the informational age. In accordance with a shared terrain of inquiry, which represent a series of decisive experiences from the past years, this new logic can be considered an advanced “logic of complexity”.


Author: Manuel Gausa
12 x 17 cm./ 4.7 x 2,8 in.
Pages: 802
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft cover
Publication date: September 2018
ISBN: English 9781945150975
Price: 39€ / $44.95 / £32

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