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Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas
Florencia Rodriguez, Mercedes Peralta, Jeannette Sordi

The second issue of our monographic series reflects on the project of Landscape as Urbanism in the Americas, lead by Charles Waldheim and the Office for Urbanization at Harvard Graduate School of Design. Curated together with Mercedes Peralta and Jeannette Sordi, 2 explores the potentials for landscape as a medium for urban intervention in the specific contexts of Latin-American cities.
More than twenty Latin American practices are shown and grouped in five different themes: Biological Environments, Resilient Grounds, Performative Systems, Revealed Protocols, and Assembled Natures. Finally, a conversation between Charles Waldheim, Florencia Rodriguez, and Luis Callejas deepens the discussion of our academic curricula, drawing as representation, political spaces, and the general sensitivity around landscape.

With Contributions of
Ana Elvira Vélez Villa & Lorenzo Castro Jaramillo / Ana María Durán Calisto / Beals Lyon Arquitectos / Bulla / Camilo Restrepo / CAPA / Ciro Najle / Enlace Arquitectura / Fábrica de Paisaje / Francisco Walker Martínez / FUPAM / LUME, H F Arquitetos / Metrópole Arquitetos & UNA Arquitetos / Gaeta Springall Arquitectos / Groundlab, LyonBosch Martic, Idom & Sergio Chiquetto / Guillermo Hevia García & Nicolás Urzúa / Husos / Iñaki Echeverría Gutiérrez / Jeannette Sordi / José Alfredo Ramírez / Juan David Hoyos & Sebastián Monsalve / LCLA O ce / Luis Callejas / Manuel Gausa / Mercedes Peralta / Metro Arquitetos Associados / Opera Publica / Plan Común / Plan:B Arquitectos & JPRCR Arquitectos / RDR Arquitectos / Sérgio Bernardes / Tatiana Bilbao Estudio / Teresa Moller Landscape Studio

Part of the Ness Collection


Editors: Lots of Architecture publishers, Florencia Rodriguez, Mercedes Peralta, Jeannette Sordi
Size: 21,6 x 27,9 cm / 8.5 x 11 in.
Illustrations: Color
Cover: SoftCover
Pages: 208
Publication date: March 2020
Published by: Lots of Architecture publishers
Distributed by: Actar Publishers
ISBN: English 9781732010635
Price: 21€ / £19/ $23

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Lots of Architecture publishers, Florencia Rodriguez, Mercedes Peralta, Jeannette Sordi


NESS 2 focuses on planetary representations: MAD WORLD PICTURES. We visit design studio LaFeliz, Luis Úrculo and Feminist Architecture Collaborative.

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