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In Progress: The IID Summer Sessions


Editor: Irene Sunwoo

Contributions by Brett Steele, Nicholas Boyarsky, Grahame Shane and Dennis Crompton.

This book is the first to document the remarkable history of the International Institute of Design (IID), an independent school of architecture founded and directed by Alvin Boyarsky from 1970 – 72, and highlights a pivotal episode in the career of Boyarsky, best known for his subsequent role as chairman of the Architectural Association (1971 – 90). Launched in the wake of the institutional upheavals that had swept schools of architecture during the late 1960s, the IID introduced an alternative model of architectural instruction: one that brought together a range of teaching methods, design strategies, theories and projects alongside an international assortment of protagonists. In Progress details this short-lived experiment through a trove of previously unpublished material, and reveals how three informal architectural gatherings, held over three successive summers, can be seen to have established not only a network of architects and discourses, but a new model for architectural education.


Authors:  Brett Steele, Nicholas Boyarsky, Grahame Shane and Dennis Crompton.
Editor: Irene Sunwoo
Size:  21 x 29 cm
Cover: Paperback
Pages: 272
Publication date: 2015
Published by: Architectural Association Publications
Distributed by: ACTAR D
ISBN: English 9781907896453
Price: 35€ / $40 / £30

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