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Garden House
Mauro Baracco & Louise Wright with Rory Gardiner

This holiday house is conceived as just a little more than a tent: a deck and raised platform are covered by a transparent ‘shed’; the interior perimeter ‘veranda’ is garden space; the soil and natural ground line are maintained and carried through; a low lying site with terrestrial orchids and lillies, flood waters seasonally move through the site unimpeded; similarly the indigenous vegetation has begun to grow inside.


Authors: Mauro Baracco, Louise Wright  with Rory Gardiner
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover with dust jacket
Size: 24 x 28.8 cm. / 9.44 x 11,33 in.
Pages: 72
Publication date: August 2023
Published by: Actar Publishers
ISBN: English 9781948765800
Price: 30€/ $34.95/ £30

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Mauro Baracco, Louise Wright


This book documents the materiality and spaces of the Garden House by Baracco+Wright reflect on the dialogue of building, life and systems conceived in an ongoing project of environmental repair.

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