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Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting


Can Altay (Editor)

Ahali: An Anthology for Setting a Setting is a collection of selected articles from current and previous contributions to Ahali, a journal by artist Can Altay.

‘Ahali’ in Turkish refers to a community defined through contingency without a defined or expressed commonality other than being together. The contents of each issue of the journal are composed of invited contributions. Titles include: Support, Control and Letting Go; Model making for the Socio-spatio-economic-political/On Propositions and Implementation; Co-habitation and Parasitical Practice; Locatedness (and Education?); Recycling and Reconfiguration/Sustainable Excess; Community and Contingency; Forecasting Broken Pasts; and Becoming Globe.


Can Altay (Editor)

Pages: 171 pages
Publisher: AA Publications
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-1907414268
Product Dimensions: 6 x 8 inches
Distributed by:  ACTAR PUBLISHERS
Price: 18€ / $19 / £15

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