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Adaptive Ecologies


Theodore Spyropoulos 

Adaptive Ecologies: Correlated Systems of Living examines computational frameworks that explore a time-based poly-scalar urbanism. The publication includes essays by Mark Burry, Brett Steele, John Frazer, John Henry Holland, Makoto Sei Watanabe, Patrick Schumacher, and David Ruy.

Architecture finds itself having to cope with new social and cultural complexities that demand systems that are open, adaptive and participatory. The book explores organisational systems that examine a model of collective living constructed as an evolving ecology. As a response to models of accelerated urbanism that privilege top down master planning the book explores experimentation that examines a generative and time-based approach towards a computational urbanism. The research conducted by AADRL Director Theodore Spyropoulos with his research lab explores a pattern logic that is poly-scalar, allowing bio-diverse patterns to operate between urban, building and material agency. The model of architecture and urbanism speculated here is not one embedded in a blueprint as with most man-made structures, but rather are correlated operations that are governed through emerging collective interaction.



Author: Theodore Spyropoulos
Size:  18,5 x 24 cm
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 336
Publication date: 2013
Published by: Architectural Association Publications
Distributed by: ACTAR D
ISBN: English 9781907896132
Price: 35€ / $40 / £30

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