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Authors/tomoko sakamoto

Publisher and designer, born in Tokyo. She studied architecture at Waseda University until her master’s degree. After finishing her degree, and thanks to a scholarship from the Japanese government, in 1999 she moved to Barcelona to do an internship at the architecture office EMBT-Enric Miralles Benedetta Tagliabue Arquitectes Associats. Later she became part of the team of the publishing house Actar in Barcelona as an architecture and design editor (2000-2012). With the experience gained in publishing and editing, in 2012 she created the Spread workspace with David Lorente. The activity is currently diversified in the publishing of books, collaborations written by architecture magazines, such as the organization of workshops, collaboration with universities, participation in competitions, etc., and collaborates closely with professionals such as the designer Luki Huber (with his Manual Thinking workshops) or the photographer Hisao Suzuki.

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