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Authors/jordi vivaldi

Jordi Vivaldi is a writer, philosopher and architectural theorist based in Vienna. PhD Architect (IOUD, Austria, 2014-2018) and PhD Philosopher (EGS (cand.) Switzerland, 2018 – …), Jordi works as theory faculty at the Institute for Advanced Architecture in Barcelona, at the Bartlett University College of London and at the Institute of Urban Design in the University of Innsbruck. His areas of investigation include 20th and 21st century’s theory of experimental architecture, art and technology, as well as various forms of Speculative Realism and New Materialism. His research capitalizes on the notion of “limit”, both as an ontological device of definition/perception and as a contemporaneous architectural form of space. Besides his curatorial tasks as editor in chief of the architectural magazine “IaaC Bits”, his recent work has crystallized in several articles, essays and lectures, together with a forthcoming book with Actar Publishers (2021): “In-Limit. On Space and Agency in a Xenological World.”

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