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Authors/jeremy burke

Jeremy Burke is a City and Architectural Designer and Researcher interested in how new modeling techniques can describe complex social systems. At Harvard, Jeremy graduated from the inaugural cohort of the Harvard MDE program, where he developed research around design criteria for innovation districts operating in synergy with logistics hubs and developed industrial infrastructure to support local agriculture. Jeremy explores how traditional design methodologies can be informed through computational thinking. The resulting systems-level understanding of a space can be used to inform the design and development of sustainable architectural and infrastructure projects and to foster healthy communities. In addition, Jeremy has worked with a variety of start-ups to plan, market, and create new strategies for continued growth. Prior to his joint thesis with Ramon at Harvard, Jeremy worked with Kennedy Violich Architecture, BRU Architects, and Alon Development, and has experience completing a wide range of projects from smart sustainable houses, to modern renovations within historical contexts, and the master plan and design of a four million square foot resort and entertainment facility. Jeremy is originally from Santa Fe, NM.

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