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Benoit Jallon (Grenoble, 1972) studied architecture at the École d’Architecture de Paris-La Villette in 2001 with honours. He embarked on a number of trips abroad to enrich his career path and founded LAN (Local Architecture Network) with Umberto Napolitano, sharing the desire to build close ties with other disciplines in the arts and urban development that lie outside the traditional sphere of architecture, with the aim of nurturing vigorous debate and flouting the rules that appear to govern their profession. They have maintained this approach since founding the firm, and as a result, LAN has been able to embrace a wide range of typologies, face new problems and challenges, and realize new ambitions each time they build.
Benoit’s passion for his profession as an architect is also characterized by his commitment to working together, to the human element that embodies and sustains the process of architectural creation. He was appointed Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres in 2018.

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