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Founded in 2001 by Grégoire Zündel and Irina Cristea, AZC is a Parisian architectural firm that today combines creative, technical, and organisational skills, enabling it to cover the fields of architectural design and building management.
AZC mainly carries out construction and rehabilitation projects, within the urban context, for public and private clients. Their main projects overlap several uses: offices with education spaces, housing with residences for the elderly and nurseries, diverse sports facilities, and nine metro stations. This need for functional mix determines their approach to the architectural design of projects.
All their actions converge today towards one ambition: to construct buildings that give the possibility and the desire to reuse them and maintain them for a long time. Structures that are useful for all purposes.
Their approach is to consciously work simultaneously on the coherence between the structural principle, the flexibility of use and the identity of the building. By paying close attention to a few elements that will ensure durability, they believe that it is possible to slow down the expiration of buildings and thus make the best possible use of the resources they consume. The precise design of structural and technical elements defines the life span of a building.

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