Wood Urbanism

From the Molecular to the Territorial

Daniel Ibañez, Jane Hutton, Kiel Moe

Wood holds unique and timely lessons for urbanization, yet it remains inadequately characterized in architecture, landscape architecture, and urbanism. From under-considered thermal properties to emerging manufacturing possibilities, from changing forestry regimes to larger carbon cycle dynamics, Wood Urbanism explores the unique material and scalar properties of wood, presenting it as a critical material for design today. It brings into conversation scholars and practitioners who focus on wood from a range of perspectives: from the working forest to the mid-rise building to the basic cell. Drawing from the inherent intelligence and depth of multiple disciplines, this book offers a transcalar perspective on the role of wood in contemporary urbanization: from the imperceptibly small to the confoundingly large.

“Design and research are not distinct activities. Rather, meaningful work on one is not possible without deep engagement with the other. Design and research, or design research is a single continuum of praxis.”  Kiel Moe

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