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An Architectural History
Maria Fabricius Hansen

The city of Rome consists of many historical layers. It is characterized by various architectural styles created from antiquity to the present day. But what characterizes the buildings from the various periods in the city’s development?
Rome: An Architectural History tells through text by professor of art history Maria Fabricius Hansen and drawings by cartoonist Lars Horneman about the central features of the buildings of the past. The book provides a thorough introduction to Rome’s architecture and urban space. In addition, it provides an overview of Europe’s architectural history told through Rome’s architectural changes over the centuries. The drawings illustrate the text, but at the same time form independent sequences of narrative picture series. The combination of text and drawing makes the book a living history of the great upheavals that Rome’s architecture and urban space have gone through. The book contains a historical timeline that places the buildings in a larger cultural-historical context. Together with the book’s map, it suggests that it is not only read at home, but also used as inspiration for city walks in Rome.


Author: Maria Fabricius Hansen
27,4 x 24 cm / 10,8 x 9,5 in
Cover: Hardcover
Pages: 184
Publication date: 2022
Published by: The Danish Architectural Press
ISBN: English 9788774076421
Price:  $60

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Maria Fabricius Hansen


This book introduces Rome’s architecture and urban space while also giving an overview of European architectural history as a whole, as reflected in Rome’s millennia of architectural change.

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