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Arne Jacobsen (3 vols.)


Approach to his complete works 1926 – 1949
Félix Solaguren-Beascoa

Through intensive studies, the Spanish architect and author has published all hitherto available projects and works by the architect Arne Jacobsen, including some that have not been published so far. The work is divided into three volumes

The first two volumes show Jacobsen’s works from resp. 1926-1949 and from 1950-1971, when Jacobsen died.

Volume three shows a selection of Arne Jacobsen’s drawings from 1958-65.

The work is inspired by Le Corbusier’s ‘Oeuvre complète’ and constructed in much the same way. Each volume begins with a review of Jacobsen’s architectural development in the respective period – seen through Spanish eyes. In total, the work is over 600 pages, which complements the large book about Arne Jacobsen also from Arkitektens Forlag.


Authors: Félix Solaguren-Beascoa
22 x 24 cm / 8,7 x 9,4 in
Cover: Softcover
Pages: 669
Publication date: 2001
Published by: The Danish Architectural Press
ISBN: English 9788774072706
Price:  $55

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Félix Solaguren-Beascoa


Arne Jacobsen represent a line of work that spans all of the characteristic developments of the 20th century ranging from Neoclassicism to the International Style by way of Nordic Functionalism.

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