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Global Housing Projects

Global Housing Projects


25 buildings since 1980

Josep Lluis Mateo

The world is merging into one global system of goods, people and information. This book explores the social, cultural, and economic phenomena of globalization through housing. The Chair of Architecture and Design at the ETH in Zurich examines the last 25 years of housing development. This book is a historical criticism with the built projects as protagonists. Housing typologies have been chosen as contemporary architectural prototypes. The selection of housing projects reflects the most innovative and influential built housing projects to propose new important guidelines in housing.


Author: Josep Lluis Mateo

Publisher: ACTAR, ETH Zürich
Size: 6.6 x 8.9 in. / 16,70 x 22,60 cm
Pages: 258
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hardcover
Publication date: July 2008
ISBN: 978-8496954472
Price: 7,50 € / £ 22,95


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