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GSD Platform 9

Still Life

Jennifer Bonner, Michelle Benoit and Patrick Herron

Platform is the Harvard University Graduate School of Design’s annual compendium of select student work, events, lectures, and exhibitions.

Taking the artistic still life as its departure point, the ninth edition of Platform chronicles the 2015–2016 academic year at the GSD. Models and student projects, including dissertations and drawings, are skillfully arranged and presented to reference the still life as expressed in 18th- and 19th- century European painting, popular advertising, contemporary art, and other contexts.

These images not only present the broad range of work produced by GSD students but also challenge conventional modes of architectural documentation through multiple readings, lists, and novel interpretations of form.

Designed by Neil Donnelly.


Edited by: Jennifer Bonner, Michelle Benoit and Patrick Herron

Size: 9 x 6.25 in.
Pages: 376
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: November 2016
ISBN: English 978-1-945150-17-3
Price: 30€ / $34.95 / £28

Vertical Urban Factory

Nina Rappaport

This publication focuses on the spaces of production in cities—both the modernist period and today—and the technologies that have contributed to shifts in factory architecture, manu- facturing, and urban design. It tracks the evolution of the vertical urban factory from the first industrial revolution to the present and provides an analysis of the political, social, and econo- mic factors that have shaped today’s global industrial landscape. Ultimately, it provokes new concepts for the future of urban manufacturing, and the necessity of creating new paradigms for sustainable, self-sufficient urban industry.
The book demonstrates how entrepreneurial, hybrid spaces and cleaner and greener factories can reintegrate manufacturing into city life as new paradigms for urban industry that will prove more sustainable, self-sufficient, and socially equitable workplaces. Vertical Urban Factory includes a timeline of significant developments in technology, architecture, and manufacturing and is illustrated by over four hundred black and white and color photographs of historic and contemporary factories, architectural renderings, and process diagrams.


Author: Nina Rappaport

Size: 7.5 x 10 in.
Pages: 480
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Softcover
Publication date: 2016
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-63-5
Price: 59€ / $64.95 / £45.50



Author: Enric Jardí

Size: 7.2 x 5.7 in.
Pages: 104
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2007
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-92-7
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-96540-91-0
Price: 14€ / $19.95 / £13

That some designers will never reveal

This is a recipe book of twenty-two tips in creating the best typography and twenty-two things you should never do with lettering. Secrets which many designers will never reveal. In an era of typographic fundamentalism and the cult of forms, this list of dos and don’ts explodes myths and provides a fresh view of typography.

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Plans and Projects for Barcelona 2011-2015


Vicente Guallart, Carles Bárcena, Ricard Gratacòs

“We are working to make Barcelona a self-sufficient city of productive neighbourhoods at a human speed, within a hyper-connected and zero-emissions metropolis”.

The content of this book represents a wide selection of the plans and projects developed in the city of Barcelona in the period covering from the year 2011 to 2015, divided in types and thoroughly explained.


Vicente Guallart, Carles Bárcena, Ricard Gratacòs (eds.)

Size: 240 x 310 cm.
Pages: 440
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: March 2016
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-72-7
Price: 45€ / $49.95 / £32

Popular Lies* About Graphic Design

Craig Ward

An attempt to debunk various misconceptions, half truths and, in some cases, outright lies which permeate the industry of design.

Written both passionately and irreverently, Ward pulls from his ten years of experience to tackle lighter subjects such as design fetishists, Helvetica’s neutrality and urgent briefs, alongside the validity of design education, the supposed death of print, client relationships and pitch planning. In addition, the book includes contributions from more than a dozen renowned professionals such as Milton Glaser, Stefan Sagmeister, Christoph Niemann y David Carson.


Author: Craig Ward

Size: 14 x 18 cm / 5.5 x 7 in.
Pages: 160
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: December 2012
ISBN: English 978-84-15391-35-7
Price: 14€ / $16.95 / £13.00

Bracket 3

[at extremes]

Lola Sheppard, Maya Przybylski

This publication includes critical articles and unpublished design projects that investigate architecture, infrastructure and technology as they operate in conditions of imbalance, negotiate tipping points and test limit states.

We are conditioned, as designers of the built environment, towards the organization of people, programs and movement. Indeed the history of modern urbanism, architecture and building science has been predicated on an anti-entropic notion of programmatic and social order. But are there scenarios in which a state of extremity or imbalance is productive? Bracket [at extremes] seeks to understand what new spatial orders emerge in this liminal space. How might it be leveraged as an opportunity for invention? What are the limits of wilderness and control, of the natural and artificial, the real and the virtual? What new landscapes, networks, and urban models might emerge in the wake of destabilized economic, social and environmental conditions?


Author: Lola Sheppard,
Maya Przybylski (eds.)

Size: 20,3 x 26,5 cm / 8 x 10.5 in.
Pages: 270
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Color and duotone
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: English 978-0-9893317-6-0
Price: 34€ / $39.95 / £32.00

Making it Modern:

The History of Modernism in Architecture and Design

Aaron Betsky

This book traces the astonishing opening up of a brave new world of open empty space, the arrival of the beauty and terror of the machine into daily life, and the attempts to represent them in the construction of a modernist world.

At its root, modernism is that fundamental. It is a question of having something to represent that is of the moment. In the most radical interpretation, modernism always comes too late. The modern is that which is always new, which is to say, always changing and already old by the time it has appeared. Modernism is always a retrospective act, one of documenting or trying to catch what has already appeared –an attempt to fix life as it is being lived. Modernity is just the very fact that we as human beings are continually remaking the world around us through our actions, and are doing so consciously. Modernism is a monument to or memory of that act, which in its own making tries to remake the world it is pretending to represent.


Author: Aaron Betsky

Size: 16,5 x 23,5 cm / 6.5 x 9.25 in.
Pages: 352
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: December 2016
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-15-4
Price: 30€ /$34.95 / £25

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Ábalos + Sentkiewicz

Essays on Thermodynamics, Architecture and Beauty

Iñaki Ábalos, Renata Sentkiewicz

A compendium of essays and projects, that creates a projective document able to set up new scenarios for the architecture of the next decade.

This is a book that unfolds arguments and designs around the concept of “thermodynamic beauty”. This new aesthetic category opens up new and unexpected directions to the architect’s work, connecting architecture and thermodynamics without giving up the tectonic tradition. The compendium is developed through the concepts of Somatisms, Verticalism, Thermodynamic Materialism, Monsters Assemblage, and, summarizing design strategies and opening new territories at the scales of building, public space and landscape.


Author: Iñaki Ábalos,
Renata Sentkiewicz

Size: 16,5 x 23,5 cm / 6.5 x 9.25 in.
Pages: 320
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: 2015
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-19-2
ISBN: Spanish 978-1-940291-28-4
Price: 35€ / $39.95 / £32


LAN (Local Architecture Network)

Umberto Napolitano, Benoit Jallon

Undertaken at the occasion of LAN’s 10th anniversary, Traces recalls the journey of Umberto Napolitano and Benoit Jallon through their projects and their travel impressions.

The city is the point of departure and arrival for the “architectural experience”. It is, therefore, a palpable, external fact as well as a product of the mind, an abstraction. This book attempts to recreate this trajectory and to describe this exchange between the mind and the world through the traces it has produced. Two separate moments lie at the heart of this book’s very structure and shape: one when the city is the site of an experience and of reflection and the other, when architects modify this site through a new project.


Author: Umberto Napolitano,
Benoit Jallon

Size: 16,5 x 23,5 cm / 6.5 x 9.25 in.
Pages: 608
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: February 2014
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-02-4
Price: 35€ / $44.95 / £31.50

The Function of Style

Farshid Moussavi

This book interrogates further the formfunction relationship of its projects. It focuses particularly on the history of drawing techniques of describing different concepts of function. All is shown through drawings that describe amongst other criteria the structural function [arrangement of activities or materials], the physical function [such as acoustics, traffic, lighting], the psychological function or the social function of built forms.

During the 19th and most of the 20th century, discussions of style revolved around pure formalism or pure functionalism. Style, as the way of assembling forms, was trapped in producing consistency and sameness across architectural forms. This publication is the third in a series at the GSD focused at researching a contemporary idea of style in architecture.


Author: Farshid Moussavi

Size: 17,2 x 21,8 cm / 6.8 x 8.6 in.
Pages: 640
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: February 2015
ISBN: English 978-1-940291-30-7
Price: 39€ / $44.95 / £32