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Category: portada


cover Geologics

Author: Vicente Guallart

Size: 7.5 x 4.9 in.
Pages: 384
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: February 2009
ISBN:  English 978-84-95951-61-8
ISBN:  Spanish 978-84-96954-13-7
Price: 36€ / $47 / £28.95

Vicente Guallart, pioneer of new media in architecture, examines the technological, social and cultural changes inherent in our information society for fresh ways of building in the city. Presenting the last 15 years of his work, this book investigates architecture s ability to construct systems for habitable environments in diverse environmental, social and economic conditions. His collaborations with specialists in geology, anthropology, sociology, engineering, economy, software and interface design have blurred traditional boundaries. The projects follow a “natural” logic, referring to components originating in nature, as well as to environmental systems. A logic that connects nature with the transformations of urban spaces, social organizations, and the digital world.

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Tomoko Sakamoto

Parametric and algorithmic design are two of the fastest emerging, most radical technologies reshaping architecture today. This book presents six independent practices that explore current applications of parametric and algorithmic design techniques in architectural production. If the first generation of digital modeling programs allowed designers to conceive new forms and processes, a new breed of digital techniques is being discussed to control and realize these forms. How are these techniques affecting architectural practice and what potentials do they offer ? This is a compilation of projects from leading practitioners across the fields of parametric and algorithmic design. A compelling, multi-perspective debate on the future of design. Featuring: Mutsuro Sasaki, AGU (Arup), Aranda-Lasch, Michael Meredith (mos), (AKT), Designtoproduction, with a conversation between Sanford Kwinter and Jason Payne.


Tomoko Sakamoto

Size: 7 x 9.8 in.
Pages: 280
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: September 2008
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-79-8
Price: 30€ / $39.95 / £24




Felicity D Scott

Felicity D. Scott revisits the architectural, art, video, and intermedia practices of the experimental collective Ant Farm, self-described ¨super-radical activist environmentalists.¨ Drawing together archival material on their extended fields of practice, Ant Farm features the first full-color publication of the complete Ant Farm Timeline, as well as Allegorical Time Warp: The Media Fallout (1969) and an archival dossier on Ant Farm’s Truckstop Network (1970-1972). The Ant Farm architects produced experimental works on the “fringe of architecture” (1968-1978) and were influential video artists. Felicity D. Scott is Assistant Professor of Architecture at Columbia University and a founding editor of Grey Room.


Author: Felicity D Scott

Size: 8.02 x 6,05 inches
Pages: 320
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: April 2008
ISBN: English 978-84-96954-24-3
Price: 39€ / $39.95 / £31.95



Ricardo Daza

A historical photograph shows a room in a steel and glass building and a man which is evidently the architect Mies van der Rohe. Only the name of the photographer is known. In a manner more usually found in detective novels, the author has painstakingly researched the events surrounding its taking making deductions and gradually revealing in which room the architect is standing, in which building it is to be found, what the architect is looking at, what his stance and his gaze tell us about his person, his work. Step by step, the author systematically investigates the photograph, drawing fascinating conclusions and making astonishing revelations about the architecture, the man and his character from this one photograph. His hypothesis is illustrated by a short and compelling text and supported by further visual material.


Author: Ricardo Daza

Size: 16 x 17 cm.
Pages: 200
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2008
ISBN: English 978-84-96954-37-3
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-96954-36-6
Price: 16€ / $17.95 / £13.50

Blue Monday


Author: Kazys; Sumrell, Robert Varnelis

Pages: 176
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Paperback
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-53-8
Price: 22€ / $27 / £17.95

Blue Monday features three moments in modern culture that offer glimpses into our increasingly perverse relationship to architecture, cities, and objects through a lively mix of philosophy, photography, architectural drawings and models, as well as new media. The first section, Ether, explores a Los Angeles telecom hotel, One Wilshire, a 39 story building of utter banality and complete mystery. The second, the Stimulus Progression, looks at the strange story of the Muzak Corporation and the invention of a culture of horizontality. The third, Quartzsite, Arizona, visits a desert town of some 3,000 people in the summer that swells to over a million residents every year as a horde of modern nomads descends upon it in their Recreational Vehicles. This is the first book by the Architecture Urban Design Collaborative, AUDC founded by Robert Sumrell and Kazys Varnelis of Columbia University.

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UN Studio

More than the document of a remarkable project: Buy Me A Mercedes-Benz shows how various forms of expert knowledge have been combined and interwoven to finally generate an unconventional, breakthrough museum design. Providing insight into the various ideas, experiences and ambitions behind the project, this book allows visitors to take the museum home. Through photographs, diagrams, text, and drawings, this book explains the unique Mercedes museum design model, developed by UN Studio: the digitally programmed, three-dimensional, cross-connected trefoil. Implementing this model has resulted in a building that radically breaks with many of today’s architectural conventions, a building that is highly complex, but still maintains a strongly directional structure, which provides many surprising perceptual experiences.


Author: UN Studio

Size: 17 x 24 cm
Pages: 576
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: May 2006
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-37-8
Price: 42€ / $55 / £33.95

Yona Friedman / Pro Domo

Yona Friedman

In 1958 Yona Friedman published his first manifesto on “mobile architecture” and founded GEAM (Groupe d’Etude d’Architecture Mobile), which proposed different strategies and actions geared to the adaptation of architectural creation to modern user requirements for social and physical mobility. In this initial manifesto, Friedman claims that architectural knowledge cannot be the exclusive property of professionals and specialists, and suggests writing guides or manuals, which explain topics related to architecture and urban planning in clear and simple terms. Pro Domo is “a collection of fragments of scattered topics,” a set of “milestones” selected by the author himself, a personal selection chosen “according to sentimental value”, spanning 50 years of production.


Author: Yona Friedman

Size: 8.3 x 5.8 in.
Pages: 390
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2006
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-51-4
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-96540-52-1
Price: 29€ / $38/ £23.95



Albert Ferré, Tomoko Sakamoto

Located in Gifu, sits a building that constitutes the first material expression of Kazuyo Sejima’s studies on metropolitan housing. This investigation proceeded from the conclusion that not all subsidized housing needs to be the same. Starting from a generic public housing program, Sejima’s housing block in Gifu departs from convention and occupies the conceptual and physical space created between oppositional design concerns: where a strictly modulated structure confronts a random arrangement of different spaces; between the length of the building and the reduction of its built depth; between inhabitable space and the surrounding landscape; between the individual and the family unit.


Author: Albert Ferré, Tomoko Sakamoto

Size: 17 x 16 cm.
Pages: 224
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: July 2001
ISBN: English 978-84-89698-92-5
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-89698-99-4
Price: 8€ / $9.95 / £6



Author: Ramon Prat

Size: 25 x 31 in.
Pages: 128
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: October 1994
ISBN: English 978-84-60481-13-3
Price: 29€ / $35 / £21.95

Shot in 1994, Berlin is an extended photo essay recording the transformation of the urban landscape of the city of Berlin. Capturing a moment frozen in time, these photographs present a Berlin that no longer exists but continues to survive.

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