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Constructing Europe

cover Constructing Europe

25 Years of Architecture

Diane Gray

European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture Mies van der Rohe Award 25th Anniversary, a reflection about the past, present and future of European Architecture.

As a part of the activities that will celebrate the 25th anniversary of the European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture – Mies van der Rohe Award, this catalogue explains the value of the Prize as a platform for discovery and debate about two main topics: the historical value of the Prize as a demonstration of the significance of European architecture, and the Award’s role as a mechanism for bringing up topics of concern in today’s European architecture, and as a process that contributes to building an architectural and urban discourse, both in Europe and throughout the world. The works of the last 25 years are essential tools for defining the future in the upcoming years.


Author: Diane Gray

Size: 9.4 x 6.6 in.
Pages: 308
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: August 2013
ISBN: English 978-8-493690-16-8
ISBN: Catalan 978-8-493690-17-5
Price: 35€ / $49.95 / £32.95

Barcelona Modern Architecture Guide

Manuel Gausa, Marta Cervelló, Maurici Pla, Ricardo Devesa

This guide brings together the most important and interesting examples of modern and contemporary architecture in Barcelona. It covers the emergence of Modernisme and Noucentisme, creative periods for which Barcelona is known the world over: the emblematic German Pavilion by Mies van der Rohe (1929), rationalist works conceived from the 40s and 50s, large housing projects of the 70s, the Olympic architecture of the late 80s, post-Olympic architecture, examples of the ongoing urban redefinition from the 90s, and the iconic architecture of the 21st century. Each entry has a brief description that includes planning and completion dates, a summary explanatory description, and subsequent restoration and alterations with a graphic coding system. This updated edition features the most recent architectural production (up until 2012), including landmarks such as Jean Nouvel’s Agbar tower, the 2004 Forum building by Herzog & de Meuron, the Media-ICT building by Enric Ruiz Geli, the Santa Caterina Market by EMBT and the Diagonal ZeroZero Telefonica Tower by EMBA.


Author: Manuel Gausa

Size: 17 x 14,5 cm
Pages: 600
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: August 2013
ISBN: English 978-84-96954-18-2
ISBN: Spanish 978-84-96954-17-5
ISBN: Catalan 978-84-98504-53-8
Price: 28€ / $34.95 / £26

Venezia, Venezia

Alfredo Jaar

Alfredo Jaar’s immersive site-specific installation in the Chilean pavilion at the 55th Venice Biennale, “Venezia Venezia” is a call to examine how today’s culture, composed of increasingly complex global networks, can be adequately represented on a world stage.This publication features essays by 18 prominent, international authors from different fields of work and thought, including political and philosophical thinkers, critics, theorists, art historians and curators. Their contributions consider Venezia Venezia in its critical context, as well d recent global developments and the volatile conditions of contemporary art practice.


Author: Alfredo Jaar

Size: 9.05 x 6.06 inches
Pages: 296
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: August 2013
ISBN: English 978-0-989331-73-9
Price: 35€ / $39.95 / £31.5


Menene Gras

From (Global) Modernity to (Local) Tradition / Entre la modernidad (global) y la tradicion (local)

MAD works in forward-looking environments developing futuristic architecture based on a contemporary interpretation of the eastern spirit of nature. All of MAD’s projects – from residential complexes or offices to cultural centres – desire to protect a sense of community and orientation toward nature, offering people the freedom to develop their own experience. Founded in 2004 by Ma Yansong, the office first earned worldwide attention in 2006 by winning an international competition to design a residential tower near Toronto, expected to be completed in the summer of 2012. MAD has been commissioned by clients of all backgrounds, leading to an intriguing combination of diverse project designs. MAD’s ongoing projects include two major cultural projects in Harbin: the China Wood Sculpture Museum and Harbin Culture Island, an opera house and cultural center that will retain the original wetlands as an urban park between the old and new city.
MAD is led by Ma Yansong, Dang Qun and Yosuke Hayano. They have been awarded the Young Architecture Award from the New York Institute of Architects in 2006 and the 2011 RIBA international fellowship.


Casa Asia, Fundación ICO (eds.)

Size: 16.5 x 24 cm.
Pages: 384
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: April 2013
ISBN: English 978-84-15391-36-4
Price: 25€ / $34.95 / £22

iGuzzini: Barcelona Corporate Building


Author: Adolfo Guzzini

Size: 9.5 x 6.75 in.
Pages: 336
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: September 2012
ISBN: English  978-84-15391-12-8
Price: 39€ / $49.95 / £35

Josep Mias

Light and architecture lie at the base of the iGuzzini Illuminazione strategy. During the day, a “natural” organic form creates high-quality and highly-ergonomic workplaces. At night, the building is transformed by artifical light into a glowing landmark in the landscape, a gigantic lantern. The project is the result of profound technological research, that runs parallel to the building?s use: an R&D centre for the development of technical knowledge and expertise in lighting systems. This publication collects all aspects of this building: from the competition phase to the opening ceremony every step is described: structure, sustainabilty aspects, skin, lighting… Exceptional photographs by Jordi Bernado and Adria Goula round up this volume.

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Candide 4

Axel Sowa

Journal for Architectural Knowledge

Candide is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to exploring the culture of knowledge specific to architecture. It is released twice a year in English and German. Each issue of Candide is made up of five distinct sections. This frame- work responds to the diversity of architectural knowledge being produced, while challenging authors from all disciplines to test a variety of genres in order to write about and represent architecture. “Essay” provides a forum for discussion of architectural knowledge, including both fundamental research into and speculative arguments on its nature.
“Analysis” allows for in-depth examination of built form: how can the knowledge embodied in buildings be retrospectively extracted and creatively re-used? “Project” is directed at architects who see design as a theoretical tool: how can a specific design proposal become a model of thought? “Encounters” gives access to the personal knowledge of renowned, unjustly forgotten, or entirely unknown protagonists of architecture. “Fiction” reflects the editors’ conviction that sometimes the imaginary may reveal more about architectural knowledge than science.


Author: Axel Sowa

Size:  9.4 x 6.6 in.
Pages: 144
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Flexibound
Publication date: Octuber 2011
ISBN: English 978-84-92861-83-5
Price: 17€ / $24.95 / £15



How Travelling Fruit, Ideas and Buildings Rearrange Our Environment

Giovanna Borasi

Journeys: How travelling fruit, ideas and buildings rearrange our environment explores the subject of migrations and their impact on the built environment. The publication includes 16 stories written in a narrative form similar to historical fiction. The stories featured highlight key concepts critical to understanding the movement of people, animals, objects and ideas and explore the physical impact of this movement on the built environment. The book brings together different authors, subjects and historical periods in a cohesive way, allowing it to maintain a consistent narrative feel throughout. The authors, experts within their research field, come from various disciplines. Their different backgrounds contribute to the book’s diverse and sometimes even witty content. Each story is accompanied by a specially commissioned illustration. A section in the book is also dedicated to photographs and images that visually represent the themes explored in the stories.


Author: Giovanna Borasi

Size: 9.5 x 6.5 in.
Pages: 320
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: February 2011
ISBN: English 978-84-92861-54-5
Price: 30€ / $36 / £27

A Peripheral Moment

Experiments in Architectural Agency: Croatia 1990-2010

Ivan Rupnik

A comprehensive account of the recent architectural scene in Croatia, this book is an account of the highly productive decade of architectural experimentation in Croatia lodged between the violent break-up of Yugoslavia and their slow integration into the EU. Ivan Rupnik guides the reader through the emergence of this bizarre and fascinating architectural scene on the very edge of united Europe, utilizing Ljubo Karaman’s theory of the periphery as a distinct space of artistic production from that of the center or province, Manfredo Tafuri’s concept of architectural experimentation, as well contemporary notions of agency. The account is framed using a variety of different lenses, including the observations of this moment by renowned writers, through the atmosphere of the period as defined by Croatia’s complex post-socialist/postwar identity and the subsequent positioning of the architectural profession vis-a-vis that context, the practices that emerged, and through a series of discussions with some of the peripheral moment’s primary agent provocateurs: 3LHD, njiric +, Randic – Turato, and STUDIO UP.


Author: Ivan Rupnik

Size: 9,50 x 6,50 inches
Pages: 320
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: February 2011
ISBN: English 978-84-92861-57-6
Price: 30€ / $36 / £27

Agenda: JDS Architects

Can We Sustain Our Ability to Crisis?

Julien De Smedt, Jesse Seegers

AGENDA is a catalog of 365 days, like a diary or journal: a collective narrative, personal and subjective. It documents the work and thinking of JDS Architects over a specific year marked by crisis, beginning on September 15th, 2008, the day that Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy. The form of the book exploits the double meaning of its title, presenting the absurdities of day-to-day architectural practice while also staking our intent. Rather than a definitive direction, our agenda is a definitive attitude – of eagerness, enthusiasm, and optimism, of criticality and concern, of fun and inquiry. It is a directive, a motivation to act, at times without clear knowledge of where our agenda will lead. “Change,” the buzzword of the last U.S. presidential campaign, is the order of the day, and the task of AGENDA is to explore what kind of change will be needed if architects are to assume a political and social agency in this new landscape. Bringing together diverse forms of content, AGENDA is a product of vigilant observation, introspection, and engagement with outside thinkers and collaborators – artists, curators, politicians, authors, economists, journalists, developers, educators, and architects.


Author: Julien De Smedt, Jesse Seegers

Size: 10.05 x 8.05 inches
Pages: 544
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Soft
Publication date: January 2011
ISBN: English 978-84-92861-62-0
Price: 35€ / $42 / £32



Tomoko Sakamoto

The follow-up to international bestseller Japan Graphics, JPG2 examines changes in Japanese graphic design. Instead of ‘more copies, higher resolution, to a wider audience’, there is a greater focus on individual and original works. JPG 2 brings together over 20 design teams, showcasing the evolution of teams from the first JPG as well as new projects, new teams, and the best contemporary design talents. Works by Amane Murakami, Buddha Productions, Dainippon Type Organization, Enlightenment, Hideki Inaba, Higraph, keitarrow, Loworks, Keigo Mohri, Namaiki, Shinji Shimada, Ryuh Tomoaki, Sunday-Vision, Power Graphixx, Takora, Taku Anekawa, TGB design, Tsuyoshi Kusano, Tsuyoshi Hirooka, wabisabi, iseneehihinee.


Author: Tomoko Sakamoto

Size: 24 x 17 cm.
Pages: 420
Illustrations: Color
Cover: Hard
Publication date: October 2010
ISBN: English 978-84-96540-14-9
Price: 8€ / $9.95 / £6